On Mondays do you find yourself hitting snooze or rushing out the door?
You’re not alone!

What if, you were able to change your perception and the energy that you put out in to the world? It’s possible with a little time and the ability to be mindful of your breath, your words and what you put in to your body. We are more than our thoughts. In doing so it will change how you go about your day, your relationship with yourself and your interactions with others. And when this mindfulness is cultivated, your life will begin to shift.

In our society, the pace of life has become a direct cause of health issues. I’m not saying blame “society,” but our grandparents did not have to answer cell phones, emails, voice mails, keep up on Facebook or Twitter. They communicated by writing a good, old-fashioned letter and people stopped by to chat with their neighbors. Milk came from the milk  man not the mega grocery store. I work with clients to help them understand the role that society and the media plays in programming Americans to be “stressed.” By all means, I’m not walking around in a zen state every day…we all have life challenges that we have to face. Naturally our minds want to plan, coordinate, compartmentalize and fix just about everything although we know that many aspects of life are largely beyond our control. They key to re-programming our brains is to learn to strike a balance in how we react to every day life.  This is where a yogic lesson in “effort and ease,” can be cultivated.

You might be thinking, “what the heck does this have to do with nutrition?” Life, love and loss have A LOT to do with nutrition when it comes to what I practice: holistic nutrition.  I look at people’s relationships with food as far more than what’s on their plate. I look at the psychology behind why, what and how people relate to food.

Americans have learned to turn to food, drinks and sugar to avoid or forget their darker feelings. Sadly, these brain stimulants have become the legal, “socially acceptable,” drugs of choice in our society. In the end, they do not serve us after the taste or the temporary happy feeling in the brain’s dopamine receptors is gone. (ie: the guilt after dessert, the headache after wine, the sugar crash after eating sweets, the need for another energy crash after caffeine wears off…and the viscious cycle continues…I mention this because I’ve been there before!)

I hope this helps you make better choices of what you put in your body.  When you have more energy fro whole food sources and mindful movement or breathin techniques, you’ll find more space in your day to reach your health & life goals.