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What Are the Benefits of a Mind Body Session?

When compared to regular yoga classes, a Mind Body Session can: (1) save you a time, (2) give you individual attention and adjustments to learn the proper benefits of yoga and mindfulness, and (3) give you a higher level of accountability and commitment.


For instance, clients who enjoy Mind Body Sessions:
  • receive highly customized classes tailored to their unique health needs
  • don’t worry about showing up late or fighting traffic because there is no commute
  • don’t show up at a class that’s too full, too hot or too cold
  • get unlimited email support in between classes
  • work with a yoga teacher dedicated to their well-being, on and off the mat
  • adopt meditation techniques for use outside of sessions


Contact Leslie for individual questions regarding private sessions. Rate information is below.


What Are the Benefits of a Mind Body/ Yoga practice?

With a regular practice, you will:

  • Practice kindness, devotion and gratitude for yourself & others
  • Learn to breathe fully & better handle stress
  • Lower body fat & improve muscle tone
  • Increase flexibility and improve joint function
  • Digest foods more easily and efficiently
  • Sleep longer and more deeply
  • Become more focused and disciplined with daily tasks
  • Live mindfully, with awareness of your internal & external environments
  • Improve your body image


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