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Create the Space With Yoga

Weekly Classes in Charlottesville, VA. Current class times for Fall 2020:

Saturdays/Sundays at 7:30 am. Day varies based on the outdoor weather conditions – Vinyasa Yoga

  • This class is an easy paced and approachable class where the movement is synchronized with breath in a smooth, flowing way. Ranging from a gentle and therapeutic pace to a mildly vigorous practice, you will be calmly challenged and energized in this class.  By moving slowly and holding postures for several breaths, you will better be able to focus on alignment while building strength and improving flexibility.  This class is suitable for all levels

Date and Time TBD – Beginners/Yoga Basics

  • A class for EVERY body.  Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, Yoga Basics presents an opportunity for students to learn and build on the fundamentals of various poses (Asanas),  establish a safe foundation, and learn how to prevent stress related injuries.  This class also focuses on helping you master form, understand how to breathe to release tension, and build confidence in the postures.

More classes will be added as needed/requested.

Private Yoga Sessions

What Are the Benefits of a MindBody Session?

When compared to regular yoga classes, a MindBody Session can: (1) save you a time, (2) give you individual attention and adjustments to learn the proper benefits of yoga and mindfulness, and (3) give you a higher level of accountability and commitment.

For instance, clients who enjoy MindBody Sessions:

  • receive highly customized classes tailored to their unique health needs
  • don’t worry about showing up late or fighting traffic because there is no commute
  • don’t show up at a class that’s too full, too hot or too cold
  • get unlimited email support in between classes
  • work with a yoga teacher dedicated to their well-being, on and off the mat
  • adopt meditation techniques for use outside of sessions

Contact Leslie for individual questions regarding private sessions. Rate information is below.

What Are the Benefits of a MindBody/Yoga practice?

With a regular practice, you will:

  • Practice kindness, devotion and gratitude for yourself & others
  • Learn to breathe fully & better handle stress
  • Lower body fat & improve muscle tone
  • Increase flexibility and improve joint function
  • Digest foods more easily and efficiently
  • Sleep longer and more deeply
  • Become more focused and disciplined with daily tasks
  • Live mindfully, with awareness of your internal & external environments
  • Improve your body image

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