Today, I’m focusing on skin care because Trifecta Wellness is not just about nutrition. It encompasses yoga, nutrition and self-care. I realized after a deep conversation with an old friend that I haven’t written directly about “self-care” yet because it’s an area that I’m still transitioning for myself. Sometimes I’m a horrible judge of myself – I don’t feel like I know enough on a topic to write about it. It’s easy to tell ourselves these kind of silly stories – why we aren’t good enough, not smart enough yet in our education to offer an opinion.

How about turning that crazy thought around? Perhaps my readers can benefit from the knowledge I have gained about skin care over the last 10 plus years. I don’t claim to be an expert nor am I anywhere close to being a trained esthetician. But, perhaps I can help one person to live a less toxic lifestyle through changing their skin care regimen one product at a time. If that mission can be accomplished, writing my perspective on simple, healthier skin care products will be enough for me.

What you absorb makes a difference in your body’s toxic load. Reduce your risk of additional toxins and carcinogens by starting with your skin care products.


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I looked up several of my products on the Environment Working Group’s ( skincare database called Skin Deep and today I will list those that fall in the healthier range as compared to over-the-counter consumer products you might find in Target, CVS or Walgreens. EWG rates products by a number (0-2 is low, 3-6 is moderate) and 7-10 is high). The rates are based on product ingredients that fall in to three categories: allergy rating, cancer causing and toxicity. Essentially, over 80,000 skin care products have been rated to consider the potential health hazard. Their data has taken from over 60 integrated toxicity, regulatory and study availability databases.

More information on EWG’s database processing can be found on their website or on EWG’s Skin Deep app available on iTunes. It’s so easy! You scan in the barcode for a product before purchase, or you can type in the name of the product to see their score something you might already have in your medicine cabinet.

Shower Gels & Natural Deodorant (that Works)


I’ve loved One With Nature products since I got a sample of lotion at The Green Festival back in 2008 when the festival was in its infancy. I go back and forth on using their body lotion, but I panic if I run out of their body wash! I love the Lavender Body Wash for its relaxation properties (lavender scent) and Dead Sea minerals – a natural exfoliator. Think about a day at the beach when your skin feels smoother and softer from the ocean. Bottle it up and give this a try, especially as the weather turns colder and dry skin needs to be exfoliated more often.

I tried EVERY deodorant in search of a healthy alternative to aluminum and paraben because research shows just how toxic these ingredient are for humans. Finally, I’ve found one that works for odor and wetness protection. As a bonus, one deodorant crystal is said to last up to one year! I love Crystal’s Body Deodorant Stick. Give it a try, but be sure that you get the actual crystal brand shown above because the other versions are less effective, in my opinion.

Cleanse & Exfoliate Naturally


One of my favorite product lines is MyChelle Dermaceuticals. Mychelle’s trademark is, “Seated in Science and Rooted in Nature” as a green company that uses organic ingredients.  I love two of their products in particular which are listed below. Both the Fruit Enzyme Cleanser and Incredible Pumpkin Peel aid in cell turnover for improved skin tone. (i.e.: healthy, gentle exfoliation)  If you have sensitive or dry skin, the Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser is very gentle for every day use. Check out their online store or in retail stores such as Whole Foods, MOM’s Organic Market, Amazon or other health food stores.

Treatment Serums

People are confused on how to apply skin care products because they are so many treatments to choose from. Do you have sensitive skin? Is it reddish/ inflamed? Are you prone to acne? Or are you fighting wrinkles and sagging? No one product will fix everything so I won’t attempt to address these issuses, but I can tell you how to layer them:

  • cleanse, treat, moisturize and protect – in that order, SPH is last (protect!)
  • when in doubt, apply serums from thinnest to thickest consistency

Here are a few treatment serums I’ve used that work well for me. Osmosis is an excellent line and my esthetician turned me on to it a long time ago.  (Plug: if you’re looking for a good skin care expert to help you with your own personal skin care concerns, check out Wendy Williams, owner of Wendys Face Place.)

Osmosis is a solid skincare company: Doctor developed, clinical skincare, natural solutions. Their tagline says it all. I love thei Osmosis Calm Serum, great for sensitive skin and rosacea which is why I use it. Be sure to check with your esthetician as to what’s right for your own skin issues. No two people are alike! I also love Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum Collagen Booster for it’s low toxicity levels, big dose of vitamins, fruit extracts and green tea extract.

Natural Hand Soap and Body Lotion


I’m loving Kiss My Face body lotion and hand soap products right now. This natural skin care company sells everything from oral care to skin care and ton-toxic sunscreens. I love their hydration properties and lightweight formulas. Their skin care products come in a variety of scents and unscented versions as well. To read my two cents on Sunscreens, check out my spring 2014 newsletter on the topic of Natural vs. Toxic Sunscreens.

Treatment: Eye Creams & Eye Gels


My favorite eye creams are from Fresh’s product line. I haven’t found an eye cream or eye gel that can top their results yet! I have pretty bad allergies so puffiness in the eye area has been a problem issue for me since I was a teenager and even before then. I used to use their Black Tea Age Delay Eye Cream that I still love, but the price got to be a little steep for me. I’ve switched to their Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream with the same great results and a little less expensive – just my two cents on saving some money where you can. The Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy has received several raving reviews for lip plumping, reducing wrinkles and its exfoliation properties.

Make-up, Foundations & Primers


As a woman, I can’t talk about skin care products without delving in to cosmetics. Tarte Cosmetics are my favorite because they are made of quality ingredients without parabens, synthetic fragrances or other toxins. (i.e.: also made without mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates, and sulfates). I love their BB Cream shown above along with Tarte’s Amazon Clay Bronzer, mineral blush and Amazon clay mascara. I use their Amazon Clay Mascara because it’s also free of the toxic ingredients listed above.

Non-Toxic Nail Polish

I feel obliged to mention non-toxic nail polish as a part of my skin care regimen. Why would consumers want to put something on their nails that is using formaldehyde, a carcinogen used to preserve dead things? Toxic nail polish can be absorbed through the nail bed, affecting everything from your energy levels to your reproductive system. Choose a non-toxic brand and allow your body to breathe as it should. I few brands I recommend are: Butter, Zoya & Anise. Learn more about why to switch to non-toxic nail polish.

Be a Detective!

 Get savvy about what’s “in” your products that you’re puting “on” your skin, the largest organ of your body. It’s time to take your health in to your own hands – it’s worth it for optimal health, for yourself and your family.