The health coach, yoga instructor, and food educator relies on lunch as her main meal.

Leslie Edsall is a triple threat in the health world. The owner of Trifecta Wellness is a board-certified health coach, a yoga instructor, and a food educator. Her time that’s not taken up leading online group detox programs, teaching yoga, or meeting with clients is spent practicing yoga four times a week, doing cardio three times a week, and weight-training twice a week.


So how does the busy health coach stay energized? Read on to see what Edsall eats on a typical day.


Breakfast: “Breakfast is for ‘breaking’ the ‘fast’ from sleep, and it’s key to raising the metabolism for the day’s work. This winter breakfast is composed of a green smoothie (spinach, mango, pineapple, peanut butter, and one and a half cups of water) and hot oatmeal with raw honey, almonds, cinnamon, and raspberries on top.”


Lunch: “The best way to get the most out of your meals is to have lunch as your main meal when metabolism is highest and the brain needs fuel. Made the night prior for leftovers at lunch, this includes acorn squash stuffed with rice, peppers, onions, and pine nuts; sautéed spinach and garlic; and smoked turkey breast and gluten-free gravy.”


Dinner: “Dinner to go from Mom’s Organic Market’s food bar in North Bethesda: a Jammed Yam—which includes a yam topped with salsa verde, quinoa, black beans, peppers, and avocado—and a raw juice of apple, oranges, mint, and spinach.”


Snack: “Larabars are awesome—they’re raw, vegan, unprocessed, and always handy to keep in the car when you’re in a pinch. This only has three ingredients!”


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