I looked through my old blog and I found a few goals I had set for myself when I finished my yoga certification in September of this year.  Now that it’s done, I am checking in on my progress.

How often do you check in with yourself or someone else to see if you are reaching your goals?  Probably not as often as you’d like.  Time passes, life happens and we just plain lose track.  That’s why it’s so helpful to have a health coach who can hold you accountable to reach your goals.  Here’s a few things I’m working on as I use my “blog” to hold ME accountable!

  • – I will offer a vision board workshop this winter
  • – Continue to enjoy my nutrition clients as they change their relationships with food
  • – Create a fun, simple,, whole food detox cleanse, available via phone and email support over 21 days
  • – Continue to inspire people through guilt-free, self care
  • – Expand my yoga classes to teach 2 – 3 more classes in the local area by February 2012
Life is too short; do what you are meant to do!  If you don’t know what you are meant to do, brainstorm and get together with a health coach like myself.  Comment and tell me about your goals.  Keep reaching towards your dreams!